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Jaxx 05-04-2018 10:13 AM

Abandoned Bronco
Just found this picture of a first generation Bronco that has been abandoned. Looks like its been sitting here for quite a long time considering the amount of greenery and moss it has on it. This definitely isn't the typical camouflage that we're used to seeing in the industry. https://i.imgur.com/l9qEf2z.jpg

Moo 05-04-2018 10:44 AM

Someone went off-roading and got stuck. :D
For a second I thought it may be salvageable with how sturdy the older models were, but then there must be a lot of water damage by now and there's not much you can do about that.

Abraham 05-07-2018 10:26 AM

Yeah I don't know what you'd really be able to save on a model that's been sitting for this long. It is kind of neat to see an old vehicle being consumed by nature like that. I'm sure if this guy stumbled upon it, that there have been others and most of the salvageable components have already been taken.

Jaxx 05-09-2018 10:16 AM

It was probably stripped by whoever had to leave it there in the first place. Always makes you wonder what leads someone to completely abandon a car like this. A fully restored model like this is worth a pretty penny today.

Abraham 05-16-2018 10:30 AM

There's probably a good chance that the truck is stolen or a salvage title, so I doubt it would be of much use to anyone else. I suppose you may be able to get around that by just using it as a farm vehicle that stays on your property. For what you'd have to spend to get it up an running though, you're probably better off looking at used dealerships.

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