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New Bronco Won’t Be An Everest Copy

A Reddit AMA from an alleged designer at Ford Motor Company Product Development Center stated that the new Bronco will essentially be a rebadged Everest. But Ford executive vice president and chief technical officer (CTO), Raj Nair, claims that the Bronco “is completely unique from that Everest.”

In an interview with Autoline, Nair confirmed that the the Bronco will be based on Ford’s new North American-spec version of the global Ranger. Size wise, the Bronco will sit between the original model from the 1960s and the larger, last generation from the mid-1990s.

The first year model of the Ford Bronco had and overall length of 152.1 inches, 69.1 inches wide and had an overall height of 70.8 inches. Then we have the longer bronco from the 1990s with a length of 180.5 inches and it’s wider at 79.1 inches. What we’ll see in Ford’s latest iteration should sit between those measurements.

When asked if the Bronco was going to be a North American version of the Everest, Nair said:

“No, it’s a separate vehicle. It will be an incremental vehicle from the Everest. The Everest kind of serves a lot of off-road capability; maybe the space of the Explorer serves here in the U.S., but with a body-on-frame construction with a lot more off-road capability for the rest of the world. This Bronco is completely unique from that Everest. It is body-on-frame and so again, focusing on that off-road capability.”

Basically, they will share a chassis, but the bodywork and design language could be completely different.

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If the new Bronco will have a length between 1966 Bronco length of 152 inches and 1990's Bronco length of 181 inches, and since it will share the same chassis as the Everest which has a 193 inch length, then the new Bronco will be closer to the 1990's Bronco length of 181 inches.
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If it's geared to go up against the Wrangler, the Bronco having a 193 inch length would be much longer than the JK at 152 inches. That's quite a difference in terms of length alone, we don't know how much longer the JL will be though
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Assuming the Bronco is gunning for the Wrangler Unlimited, which has an overall length of around 184.4 inches, then a Bronco at around 193 inches isn't that much larger. Maybe the JL will be a bit longer than its predecessor, bringing its size closer to what the new Bronco could be.

But most vehicles that are above 185 inches seems a bit too long to me. The 1990s Bronco was a good size and compact enough for easy maneuverability, just need four doors.
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Heard the nose of the Wrangler JL will be longer but I'm not 100% sure on it. Completely forgot to search for the Unlimited instead. A new CRV is like 181 inches. I can go for a fair bit longer than that. The late 90's early 2000's Jeep Grand Cherokees are on the 190 section and that's ideal I think.. for me at least.
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The overall length isn't too important with a few inches here and there, what Bronco will need to get right is the roof. Removable modular roof panels just won't cut it for enthusiasts who are used to removing the roof altogether like the older models.
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I'm actually fine with removable panels and they're supposed to be easier to take on and off in a pinch compared to the fully removable one. Maybe older gen Bronco owners will nitpick, but potential buyers who's never owned one will find the modular panels better. It's just a matter of letting in fresh air and giving the driver a sense of the outside passing by.
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