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Originally Posted by Stag View Post
At CES, Ford announced that it will partner with Amazon in a project that helps to progress towards the Internet of Things. The next-generation of Ford's Sync Connect systems will allow a wireless connection to your phone, the internet, and other things within your car. You will be able to control things like your garage door, home thermosat and lighting, or coffee pot. That control can be done through touch or voice command.

There will also be new phone connectivity to your car. One such feature that stems from that is being able to check your car's fuel levels directly from your phone, and programming a set time for your car to start up.

From USA Today, here's Ford CEO Mark Fields:

“We are working to see if we can come up with a product that we can commercialize,” said Fields. He continued, “The key is finding the right software protocols, so that the integrations with Amazon Echo and Alexa works. We’ll aim to bring it to market as soon as possible.”

Basically your phone and your car will connect to everything. All things will merge. We are approaching the singularity.
no were not, you have a choice. IF you choose to opt out who can force you. If you feel that you need your fridge to be able to talk to the turbo in your car then you probably deserve to be gobbled up by the machines.

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