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Whats the delay?

Hey guys. Not going to lie that I was pretty ecstatic to hear that Ford was reintroducing the Bronco. But many months have come and gone and there has still been very little information released about it. Any idea what exactly Ford is waiting for? I see the official reveal is now like 5 months away.
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I agree with you 100%.
I've been expecting...looking forward to...hoping... Ford would start building up excitement leading up to the January reveal.
Have been sadly disappointed.
Heck...summer would be a better time to tease with pictures of a Bronco with a removable top than mid-January.
Maybe their approach is going to be nothing until the big drum roll reveal. Sure seems like it from actions so far.
In the meantime I've kind of given up on hearing or seeing anything.
Have actually started looking to see who else is planning new or significantly redesigned SUVs in the 2020/2021 timeframe.
GM doesn't look like they going to deliver much with the Blazer but there is alway Toyota and Nissan...oh yeah...and Jeep
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First off, welcome to forum. And we don't really know why Ford has continuously delayed this reveal, but lets just hope it means they'll deliver on everything that's being expected. I know Ford has a bunch of hybrid/electric models in the pipeline and perhaps they want to offer one of those powertrains for the Broncos launch.
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Luckily this segment doesn't have a whole lot of competition, and that's probably why they feel like they can take their time with the development process. But they have to understand that building hype around a vehicle and then forcing interested buyers to wait months, wont translate to great sales.
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Are electric vehicles really that capable off road? I don't feel like the battery would last long under that kind of strain. I know Ford has been working on a hybrid system for the pickup, so I guess it would make sense for them to use it here too. Usually that comes with a spike to power output, so I'm all for that.
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I don't think things are going well...

From this interview, https://thenewswheel.com/no-bronco-d...n-2019-design/ there's no big Bronco news planned for the whole year, which is pretty disappointing. Just the promise of product can get some people, like me, to wait and delay purchases. At one time, I was set to buy a new Wrangler, but now, I'm literally waiting to see the Bronco.

And speaking of waiting to see it...I'm getting the feeling it's going to fall pretty short of the tarp-covered tease, because of the history of concepts that did make it to production: https://www.cheatsheet.com/automobil...n-models.html/
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